What to do...

Men of DFD Ladies Of DFD Action Shots! What to do...

Emergency's and disasters arise all the time and its best if you are prepared and know that to do when one comes up. In here are a few of the most common emergencies and disasters. And remember.. calling 911 at the beginning of an emergency will get you help there faster! Teach your children how and when to use 911! It could save yours or someone else's life!

First off, I'd like to give some recognition to the Red Cross. This organization is always there to respond to disasters. They have training programs that are very broad including first aid, Cpr, swimming and life guarding, and caregivers programs such as Babysitters Training. They are a great organization out there helping the people like you and me.


There are ways of preventing some of these emergencies if you take the time to do it. 
Also have on hand your local emergency numbers.


Chemical Emergency

Earth Quakes



Wild Fires

Winter Storms