Men of DFD

Men of DFD Ladies Of DFD Action Shots! What to do...

In here I've put some photo's together of these men in action. From real
house fire's to training sessions. These guys work really hard!
There's no doubt about it! But first I would like to name all the men
of DFD and there rank.

From the bottom left to right...Mike Smith, Shawn Maxfield, Neil Shepard, Travis Stansworth, Roger Zeeman, (second row) Rick Bublitz, Brain Christensen-Secretary, Ben Johnson- Asst. Cheif, Rodger Scoville- Fire Chief, Lynn Ashby- Captain, Troy Davis- Lieutenant, Todd Jeffery (third row) Shawn Harris, Scott Nickle, Don Robertson, Hail Jeffery, Bryce Ashby, Devon Peterson, Bruce Curtis, Brad Christensen, Ben McDonald, Joe Poulson (not in picture) and last but not least (top middle) Leonard Hardy.

 I would like to take a second to remember Don Robertson, one of the firemen
that was tragically killed in October in a vehicle accident. Are hearts go out to
his family and he is and will always be sadly missed.

In Loving Memory