Ladies Of DFD

Men of DFD Ladies Of DFD Action Shots! What to do...

The woman of DFD Ladies Auxiliary really do contribute to the community within and afar. We've made blankets for the burn center's, held fund raisers for New York Disaster, and other various fund raisers. We support the men of DFD and are ready to do whatever is needed of us.  I would like to take a second or two to mention all the names of the women on the Ladies Auxiliary...

Patty Ashby
Geneal Ashby
Eudon Bublitz
Alecia Christensen
Karen Curtis
Ronda Davis
Jennett Hardy
Cyndi Johnson
Joy Jeffery
Robin Jeffery
Sherie Nickle
Darla Poulson
Zara Peyerson
Elaine Robinson
Naomi Warner
Mary Scoville
Christina Stansworth
Sandy Maxfield
Becky Harris
Mindy Shepard
Sherie Zeeman

These are a great group of gal's and I would like to personally thank each of them for just being there and the contribution that they make to community!