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Millard County is in the process of creating a beautiful memorial to honor those from the county who have served in the military from 1851 to the present. The memorial will be built on the north side of the Court House on Main Street in Fillmore, Utah. The name, branch of service and period served will be listed for each person who has served in any branch of service. Preliminary design has been by Gwen Hunter and Frank Thomas with consultation from Sunrise Engineering.

Groundbreaking ceremonies will be held March 25th beginning with a military parade down Main Street from Third South to First Noah. A jet fly over air show will signal the start of the parade at 12:45 p.m. Leading the parade will be the color guard of the Utah National Guard followed by their retiring general. Each branch of service will be represented. by their color guard, military equipment and military brass. Any serviceman desiring to do so is invited to march in the parade with their branch of service with or without a uniform. 
Following the parade will be the Groundbreaking Ceremony on the north of the Court House. Everyone is invited. Each branch of military service will donate a flag to fly at the memorial.
A list of approximately 3000 names has been collected. Some of the names are
duplicates and some may be errors. The committee requests the public to please review the
names from lists posted in each post office in the county. Information needed is the full names with correct spelling, any nick names, branch of service and period of service. Also the public is invited to submit true stories or poems of military events. Names and stories can be mailed to:
MCMMC, POB 874, Fillmore, Utah 84631.
Donations are being accepted to fund this project. For a donation of $50.00 or more, the donor will receive the beautiful, special limited-edition print by Frank Thomas entitled "This We'll Defend" depicting two hundred years of soldiering over-laying the Constitution. For a donation of $25.00 to $49.00, the donor will receive a high quality T-shirt with a silk-screen of the Frank Thomas print on the front. Donations can be mailed to the Millard County Auditor, 50 South Main, Fillmore, Utah 84631

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