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Delta was settled in 1906 and has an approximate population of 8000.  The altitude is 4755 feet above sea level.  Delta is positioned 39.35 degrees north of the equator and 112.56 degrees west of the prime meridian. Western Millard Counties climate is pleasantly varied with an average maximum temperature of 66.5 degrees and a minimum average of 38.4 degrees F.   The average precipitation is 14.2 inches with a very low relative humidity.   Delta enjoys fairly mild winters for its altitude and latitude. Although cool in winter and warm in summer, the low humidity makes it a rare livable climate.  A high incidence of sunshine provides residents with a lot of pleasurable days throughout the year. 

The establishment of the Union Pacific line through west Millard County and the founding of Delta in 1907 led to the most important agricultural development of large-scale alfalfa seed production amounting eventually to three-fourths of the state's total crop. The Yuba Dam and other water projects made this venture possible.

Mining and smelting have contributed to the county's economic growth, with Millard producing significant amounts of fluorspar, copper, manganese, sulphur, gypsum, beryllium, and salt.  The most important industrial development, however, began in the 1970s when plans were made for the Intermountain Power Project's huge coal-burning power plant near Delta.  Southern California buys most of the electricity generated by I.P.P.

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Annual Car Show
Native American Pow Wow
Annual Snow Goose Festival
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