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The Legacy Mural Project

History of the first 100 years

Thoughts on the Centennial Legacy One hundred years, a century of statehood, has passed for Utah. Now is the time to remember our past, the time to evaluate ourselves, today, the time to look to our future and attempt to plan for it.  Many of the struggles and accomplishments that make up the history of Millard County, may be seen throughout the murals in this book. We must stand in wonder, as we look about us, to contemplate what labors our pioneer forebearers undertook, without modern tools and equipment. Methods of farming, building, developing water systems, subduing the land, even warfare have seen dramatic changes in the passing century. Indeed, change seems to have been the only constant in our lifetime.  Some elements of life seem to be timeless. The sunset, the mountains, wildlife, seen by men who walked this land thousands of years before us. Hopefully, those elements will be viewed far into the future. Do we take time to appreciate nature's gifts around us? Do we stand in awe of their power and beauty each day?  Are we guaranteeing these blessings to those who come after us? May we be brave enough to undertake the tasks that will make a greater future than the past.  Time, like an ever-flowing stream, rushes on, and will, largely, be shaped by us.

Imagine, if you will, the thoughts of those a century from now, of how we lived and what we accomplished. Will the world be a better place because of our efforts?  What is it that we are leaving as a legacy to the next century, to future generations? "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Truly, in the gifts of talent and of remembrance, by these artists, we are leaving a thing of beauty, a joy for generations to come. We desire these murals to be an inspiration to all who view them.  It can only be wished, that, latter generations will catch the spirit of work and sacrifice, that has made our lifestyle possible today. We hope our children will recognize that great talent was developed in this small county, and that their own talents are waiting to be brought fourth. We want to be loyal to the past, but right now, today, we must be loyal to the future. Our fathers have committed to us a living trust which we must pass to our children, further enriched by our labors.

The celebration of Utah's 100th birthday has been a glorious experience in Millard County. We began with the Governor's Centennial Ball, in Fillmore, attended by the Governor and many state dignitaries. During this memorable year, we have had numerous other Centennial events, to include: horse racing, cornerstone/time capsule, an original historical musical, a juried art show, banquets, and parades.  I will always be grateful to the hundreds of people who donated their thousands of hours to see our Centennial celebration reach fruition.  Utah is truly a great state, and Millard County and its citizens are quite prominent in the middle of it!

Sylvia Huntsman, Centennial Co-Chairman, Millard County        

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