Sleepless Nights
Rose Marie Poulsen drown in 1974, and was Buried in Salt Lake City Utah.
This poem was wrote by her younger brother Billy for her memorial during the recent move
of Rose to Delta to be closer to the family. He wrote the poem on his restless night before the memorial.

Another night I fail to sleep
Emotions oh they run so deep
As I sit and start to cry
Not knowing why she had to die
My Sissie's gone it wasn't fair
She's not here and I'm not there
I've seen her freinds, I drove her car
The place she's gone it seems so far
It doesn't seem so long ago
That tragic day she had to go
I weep I pray I wonder when
I'll get to see my sis again
It's just another sleepless night
Some words for Her I've tried to write
There is one thing I know for sure
I'll never cease to long for her
A better place for her to lay
This is why we're here today
This holy ground thats closer by
For us to come just sit, or cry
It's gods will we've found this place
a smile runs cross my teary face
yes we all know this is the best
A newfound place Rose, for you to rest
Writen by-
Billy Brent Poulsen


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