IBEW Local 1619
Newsletter July 00

Health Care:
During the course of our working careers here at IPSC, we have had
various health care providers.
One of the first was Etna. With Etna the drug prescription card had a $2.00
Next was Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Blue Cross drug prescription card had a
$5.00 to $10.00 co- payment depending on the drug type. (Generic or Name
Brand) Blue Cross
had a selection of different plans at that time,
the top plan had a 100% drug prescription card.
And finally we come to the Value care plan.
Depending on the plan, the drug prescription card has a $5.00 to $10.00 co-
payment, Value Care will then pay 80% of the balance
and you pay the rest.
Under the old contract (which we no longer have) it stated; IPSC would
provide equal or comparable health care coverage.
This is just one area where the coverage is slipping. Not only are you
facing subtle changes but also increasing health care cost.
What can we do?
Ask your supervisor or department head; 1. What is IPSC doing to lower our
health care cost? 2. Will IPSC shoulder more of the health care cost? If
not, Why?

Tagging procedure:
Please follow the PAI, Dot your I's and cross your t"s.
As most of you are aware of, an employee was given five days off for losing
the pink sheet. This amounts to $1291.00 in lost wages. This is a very stiff
penalty. (Cruel And Unusual Treatment)
With no contract to cover us everyone needs to be extremely careful.Welcome:
We would like to welcome Bill Keel to the E-Board.Progress Meeting:
Wayne and Kim will be attending the Progress Meeting, being held in
Boise Idaho, From July 16 - 19.
Road Clean Up:
July 19, At 6:00pm Meet at Myers. See you there!
Golf Tournament:
Date change: August 26, Time: 9:00am
Delta golf course. Contact Dick Shelly
We will hold a shotgun shoot for the non golfers.
12 to 18 yrs olds need to have a reliable parent in attendance.
Where: Delta's River Dip Shooting Range, Time 9:00am. Same day as golf
tournament. Bring shotgun, 50 rounds, eye and hearing protection. And plan
on having a damn good time......... Contact Paul Mc Collaum or Mason