Following a management caucus meeting with Chief Operating Officer S. Gale Chapman, the IPSC management team declared an impasse at the end of the bargaining session held February 17. IPSC's attorney, Bill Cole, stated the employer's position, which concluded the negotiations at 11:15 AM.

The IBEW's position throughout bargaining has been to include into the agreement specific terms and conditions of employment, limiting the right of IPSC management to set rules and policies at will without bargaining with IPSC employees through their Union. IBEW has repeatedly expressed to IPSC its position that inclusion of specific terms is critical to the ability of the Union to defend the rights of employees.

IPSC's stated position was that of retaining the right to change terms and conditions of employment for IPSC employees as deemed necessary.

What is an Impasse?

An impasse is defined as the right of an employer to implement its last, best, and final offer as a result of no progress in negotiations. The employer can implement all, part, or none of its final offer, and negotiations can continue if either side changes its position in bargaining. At such time, the parties meet to continue negotiations.

What is the IBEW's next step?

The IBEW is evaluating its course of action, based upon the desires of IPSC employees. A strategy and planning meeting has been established for March 7th at 6PM to develop and implement a plan of action. The IBEW will be investigating legal strategies to bring pressure on IPSC to bring a return of IPSC to the bargaining table.

We will keep you advised of developments.