Meet My Friends...
From Around The World

The following poem is how I would like for everyone to live by: showing respect for one another, as well as our Mother Earth. Luqman A. Mooraj, Pakistan, has come into my life and reminded me of it. Thanks Luke!! For being a friend.

In a land that was beautiful, lived I...a boy. This land was blessed by Mother Earth. Before me lay the sea, behind me the hills. All life rejoiced in it's mirth. But then came Greed and with a Black Soul, blackened the land and air, and devoured the weak causing havoc and pain. Pushing us all into living nightmare. But there are few that stand tall, Like the beacons of pure light, Even though it is too late for them. They teach the children... our future, our hopes and our dreams. That Nautre is not their's to claim. Respect Mother Earth For She has given More than any man can give. Respect the Father For he is our shelter and without him no life can live. The trees are our Lungs, The Birds our songs, The animals..our free. The river..our nourisher, The wind our refresher, The moon in Darkness helps us to see. Live in harmony with the world, Sing not Life songs out of tune. For the Spirit is still strong and wise. Drink not knowledge for drinking's sake, Look not with hate nor with anger For there are too few friendly eyes. One of the people that I mentioned who stand tall like a beacon of light happens to be you...and shining the way you do, there is hope for humanity still.

By your side always in spirit and in thought.


Meet my friend from England, Ryan Paul. His enthusiasm about Native American Indians has made me proud of being indigenous. Continue asking me questions Ryan, I am learning also. Ryan also designed the layout & some of graphics on this site.

Chris Foti is a friend who lives in Italy. It has been exciting and interesting getting to know him. There is always room for new friends like Chris.

Here is my best friend, Janet and her daughter, Morning Glory (Tamara). They are from Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. Janet enjoys pen pals, click on her name and tell her I sent you to her. In every persons life there is one friend that will always be there for you, and Janet is that person in my life. 

Meet Lloyd Lacey, he is from Farmington, New Mexico. Lloyd reminds me everytime I talk with him that there are still gentlemen around. Click on his name and you will meet a very good person.

Nishank is the one that put the dazzling, Shockwave on the front page. He has a very good outlook on life, "Be Serious and Have Fun At the Same Time. " He has been a good friend and I have learned a lot regarding ftp and frontpage. is his business address.

Shane is a friend from New Mexico and he loves to joke around so email him and tell him a joke or two.

Dan is a friend that I can talk with and he will tell me the way it is, and not what I want to hear. Sometimes a girl needs that. He is sweet though, he still manages to make me feel good about things.

I enjoy reading poems and GR8T_1 has a variety of them for your reading pleasure. The following poem is one I like.
Finger's talking .. no ball point pens .. no time for white out .. are you scared? .. what if they are .. what if there not .. how tall .. hot short .. fat or thin? .. shall we ruffle our feather's? .. or preen in the glow .. shall we do the mating dance .. to test our chances ..what if we do .. what if we don't .. only these talking finger's .. will ever know.

John Butcher

Meet Jacob from India. I enjoy talking to him and learning about his culture. Meet him at

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