Traditions In The Making 2000

Saturday October 7th 2000

The pow wow got off to a good start with dancers hailing from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho and one dancer from Canada. Traditions also attracted people from Europe. One photographer from Germany and Ryan Paul from London, England.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Ambrose Redhouse - Arena Director and Eagle Creek - Northern Host Drum, could not make the trip from Kayenta. Luckily Al Blackbird stepped in, doing a brilliant job as Arena Director. Cliff Eagle Singers filled in as Northern Host Drum.

Traditions would like to express their appreciation to Alex Shepherd, Master of Ceremonies, for all of his advice and support. Thanks also goes to John Begay, Salt Lake Southern for again hosting this year.

My sincere appreciation goes to Alex, John, Al and Emerson for doing a wonderful job in making this year's pow wow a success!

The drum contest was brilliant, with some magnificent displays of drumming and singing. In the end, Walking Bear won with only ONE point to spare. Well done!! Singers were Quanah LaRose, Jerry Bear, JoJo Bear, Bert Pewankee, Aden Sam, and Herman Begay.

Traditions 2000 Photos


Golden Age Men Traditional - 1st Lorren Sammaryer
Golden Age Women Northern Traditional - 1st Pearl Sammaryer
Golden Age Women Northern Traditional - 2nd Eleaner Tom

Women Southern Traditional - 1st Hattie Eisenburger
Women Southern Traditional - 2nd Darlene Sam
Women Northern Traditional - 1st Jeanne Bear
Women Northern Traditional - 2nd Emeryta Bill  
Women Northern Traditional - 3rd Nadine Lopez  

Fancy Shawl 1st Holly Begaye
Fancy Shawl 2nd Quintina BearChief
Fancy Shawl 3rd Dorina Martineau

Jingle Dress - 1st Carmen Mejia
Jingle Dress - 2nd Dori Tom
Jingle Dress - 3rd Jessica Anthony

Southern Straight - 1st Ken Williams Jr.
Southern Straight - 2nd Dallin Maybee

Northern Traditional - 1st Nathan Morris
Northern Traditional - 2nd Emerson Bill
Northern Traditional - 3rd Kel Rainer

Fancy - 1st Farren Kanosh

Grass Dance - 1st Quanah LaRose
Grass Dance - 2nd Coleman Dann
Grass Dance - 3rd Bart Powankee

Teen Southern Traditional - 1st Michelle Allrunner

Teen Northern Traditional - 1st Teresa Bear
Teen Southern Traditional - 2nd Wendy Flores

Teen Fancy Shawl - 1st Jolynn Begay
Teen Fancy Shawl - 2nd Crystal Willie
Teen Fancy Shawl - 3rd Alyssa Spencer

Teen Fancy Bustle - 1st Jeremy Johnson
Teen Fancy Bustle - 2nd George Toenapper

Teen Grass Dance - 1st Aden Sam
Teen Grass Dance - 2nd Joey Pete
Teen Grass Dance - 3rd Jon Smotie

Junior Southern Traditional - 1st Summer Singer

Junior Northern Traditional - 1st LaDawyn Clark
Junior Northern Traditional - 2nd Alexcia CornPeach
Junior Northern Traditional - 3rd Shilo Parashonts

Junior Fancy Shawl - 1st Stephanne Mancha
Junior Fancy Shawl - 2nd Charla Corona
Junior Fancy Shawl - 3rd Elyse Perez

Junior Jingle Dress - 1st Shalyce Parashonts
Junior Jingle Dress - 2nd Chelsea Rae
Junior Jingle Dress - 3rd Catalina Haskan

Junior Northern Traditional - 1st Jason Blackbird

Junior Fancy Bustle - 1st Patrick Willie
Junior Fancy Bustle - 2nd Ruben Mancha

Junior Grass Dance - 1st Jared Johnson
Junior Grass Dance - 2nd Dexter Tapahe
Junior Grass Dance - 3rd Keegan VanDerMeer

The audience chose Quanah LaRose as Head Man Dancer &
Hollie Begaye as Head Lady Dancer for the October 6, 2001 Pow Wow

Many many thanks to all the spectators who came and had a memorable day, especially the dancers, for making another Traditions In The Making happen again.

Traditions 2000 Photos
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For More Pow Wow Information, e-mail H. Helena Begaii
or call (435) 864-2400 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m./M-F, MST)

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