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My name is H. Helena Begaii and I am from Dine' Nation, Arizona. Hello and welcome to my website. The following pages will introduce to you my family, my father, and the Traditions In The Making Pow Wow.

It is my greatest honor to introduce you to my father, Samuel Tom Holiday, a Navajo Code Talker during World War II. He served in the United States Marines with the 4th Marine Division. Next I would like for you to meet my beautiful family that is part of my heritage.

Lastly and most importantly I welcome you all to the Traditions In The Making Pow Wow. My family and I have worked hard each year to bring the Pow Wow to you from the city of Delta, Millard County, Utah.

I am Nat oh Dine'e (Tobacco People) Tachii nii Clan (Red Running into the Water People), born for Tódich'ii nii Clan (Bitter Water). My paternal clan is Bít ähníí Clan (Folded Arms). My maternal clan is Kin' yaa' aanii Clan. I am originally from TeehinDeeh (Kayenta, Arizona).

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