Information on transportation services in Utah is available from:
Utah Department of Transportation
4501 S. 2700 W
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
(801) 965-4000.

    Interstate and other Hiways of Utah In addition to the main interstate routes, Utah's primary and secondary highways provide easy access to rural areas of the state.

    MOTOR FREIGHT In 1996, more than 2,300 interstate and intrastate motor freight carriers had operations in Utah. These carriers provide same-day or one- or two-day direct service from Utah's metropolitan areas to almost any point in the Western United States.


    Rail Lines through Utah RAILROADS Utah has approximately 1,700 miles of railroad track stretching from Iron County in the southwest, Grand County in the southeast, Tooele County in the west and Box Elder and Cache counties in the north. These rail lines converge in the Salt Lake-Ogden metropolitan area.

    Utah’s location advantages, make the state an excellent interline switching route for shipments headed to the West Coast, as well as to Eastern and Midwestern main terminals, without having to back haul shipments. A Class I railroad--the merged Union Pacific and Southern Pacific lines, provides freight service in and through Utah. Amtrak provides passenger service to major United States destinations.

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