Millard County in the new millennium is much more than an agricultural community. The county offers a casual lifestyle, a strong sense of community, and a firmly ingrained work ethic that have fashioned the county into an appealing place for families to live, work, and play. Additionally, plans for an increasingly diversified economic base, a steady job growth rate, and increased tourism dollars have also been penciled into that bright future by the county wide economic development task force formed to encourage and shape the county's growth.

    With a commanding view of the Drum Mountains to the west, Millard County's far flung communities project a small town atmosphere combined with easy urban access. More than 90 percent of the county's nearly 10,000 residents live in and around Delta and Fillmore, the largest town in the county, has nearly 6,000 people. The city has focused on beautification, and is also home to several annual festivals. 

    Most of the County's communities, are located within an 2 hour's drive of Salt Lake City. That means easy access to the symphony, the ballet, theatre, restaurants, and the University of Utah. Our cities is also nearly equidistant from St. George to the South and Logan to the North. These cities, are home to Dixie College and Utah State University, respectively. Add to this the many cultural and sporting events, and these cities offer more than anyone could hope for - including access to skiing, shopping and fine dining.

    Millard County residents need not leave the county to have outdoor fun - even an indoor dose of culture - year round. In addition to the Great Basin National Park 100 miles west of Delta City, there is the nationally known Clear Lake Migratory Bird Refuge.

    Yuba Lake State Park, directly north of  Fillmore, is a huge reservoir that offers boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, and wind surfing. The park also has picnicking and camping facilities. There are Golf courses in each of the main cities.

    The West Millard Cultural Counsel puts on amateur productions throughout the year in Delta and is a favorite for its residents. There is also a large effort to bring "big quality" concerts and performances every year. There is also a great focus on historical preservation of the County's finest features. There is a walking tour of the historic homes and buildings in Fillmore available for a great deal of enjoyment.

    Millard County recognizes the need for growth and is very aggressively developing plans for responsible development that will maintain historically famous open space, effectively preserve our environment, enhance agriculture and agricultural-related business, and strengthen our current business community as well as those industries desiring to come in as new supporting partners.

    This County understands that Quality of Life means many things, including quality employment, a strong and diverse economy, desirable and affordable housing, top level education, safe and peaceful living conditions, etc. Millard County is committed to achieving the best quality of life environmentally possible.

    Quality living is enhanced by year-round activities, cultural events, and outdoor sports. If you're looking for ways to appreciate Millard County, consider these:
    Great Basin Historical Museum
    Clear Lake Migratory Bird Refuge
    Gunnison Bend Reservoir 
    Notch Peak
    Great Stone Face
    Millard County Fair
    Territorial Statehoue Museum
    Old Capitol Arts Festival

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    Information from the 1999 Millard Economic Development Association.