I grew up in Spanish Fork, Ut....upon Graduating I went to Cedar City, Ut and got a degree in Business Administration and Family Life.   Took all their sewing classes & lot of P.E., like snowskiing & rockclimbing.  Then I went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS (Mormons) to Denver, Colo....I also spent some time in Colo. Springs.
         When I came home I worked for a finance company and later was the first female hired by First Security Bank for an officer training program in their Southern area. I also married the boy that took me to his Jr. Prom.  He was going through a divorce and had 3 children.
         We lived in Payson for the next eight years.   I worked for the bank for 3 years while he finished college. The years after I quit were very lean years with child support to pay but I felt it was important to stay home with my children.  I sewed most my children’s clothes and did lots of canning. We had a large garden and with a little substitue teaching and babysitting we survived.
          Last but not least have been the past 17 years in Delta we moved here with the IPSC power plant.  I have been busy with PTA, coaching soccer, planning and zoning chairperson and following our kids to soccer and swimming events.   Currently, I think I have been moving onto a new phase in my life as the children are getting older and have more time for quilting, swimming, Blue Notes (a singing group, I’m a baritone),  travel,  gardening and grand kids.  Our family likes adventure as some may know.   We started a few years ago hiking slot canyons and it has now progressed to canyoneering with ropes. 
          I started swimming about 5 years ago after surgery for a herniated disc.  Theory being if I keep my arms strong, I will lift with my arms not my back. I now swim one mile, 3 days a week
         I have four children, three stepchildren, ...four of them are married giving me nine grandchildren. Of the three that are single one is in college, and two are in high school.     This is my first online guild's fun and educational.  swimmom