I'm Vicki Anderson ( iluvtoknit), and I live in Ferron, Utah. I've been married for 30 years to a wonderfully understanding husband, Max. I say understanding because I am soooo involved in crafts that most of the time he has to fend for himself ! One of my passions is knitting ( as you probably have figured out by now)! I have been knitting for over 40 years. ( I'm even known in my tiny town, as Knitwit!) Anyway, I also run an online counted cross stitching round robin ( for 6 years now) with my sister, who lives about 2 hours away. I also tole paint ( as you can see by my yahoo photo site), and now I'm really into quilting! I have been quilting on tricot (whole cloth quilting) for over 30 years, but have only just recently discovered piecing, appliqué and paper piecing! This fun part of quilting started for me when I decided to try making the 'Stroll the Block' BOM quilt on HGTV. That's when I got hooked and have been sewing and quilting as much as I can ever since!
   Max and I have one son, together, who is married, but no kids (yet) and my husband has 2 wonderful sons from a previous marriage. They are both married with kids who are married with kids. That's right, I'm 57 with 5 step great grandchildren, who love to have grandma knit them all sweaters for Christmas!
   Well, enough about me, and I'm wasting precious quilting time! I'm having so much fun, getting to know you all, and feel very privileged to belong to such a
 wonderful quilt guild, and I'm especially happy to belong to the Jezabees!